Estate Homesite 5 Oil Nut Bay

Estate Homesite 5 - Oil Nut Bay

Oil Nut Bay,Virgin Gorda



Situated at an elevation of approximately 260 feet, this world-class site presents a prime real estate opportunity to the select homeowner. Endless ocean blues, summer sunsets, year-round breeze, and what must be one of the finest views of Eustatia Sound and Anegada in the distance, this singular and sizable site is the perfect place for an exquisite, private family compound. At almost 4 acres in size, Estate Lot 5 has ample accommodation for a four- to six-bedroom multi-faceted family home.

With views of Oil Nut Bay’s Marina Village and state-of-the-art docks, this is also the perfect platform from which boating enthusiasts can keep an eye on their own vessel, as well as all nautical comings and goings from a position of exceeding privacy. 


  • Ideal for a Four-Six Bedroom Custom Villa
  • Proximity to Marina Village
  • Ideal for Boat Owners
  • Exceptional Views
  • Extreme Privacy


  • Acres: 3.78
  • Hectares: 1.52

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Location Virgin Gorda

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